A beautiful way to save energy

The mission of Wattcher is to increase the experience of energy. Experience that leads to involvement. Involvement that leads to energy saving and financial benefits for the users.

Wattcher inc. is a product organization for development and marketing of the Wattcher and affiliated products to our clients.

Our strategy is to create products that are distinguished by design, durability and commitment towards end users. We work together with players who recognize these goals with the personal goals of their organization.



The desire to get a clear insight in energy and to develop the Wattcher finds it's origin in the company Innovaders. From this, the Wattcher company was founded.

The Wattcher was designed by Marcel Wanders. The design is in line with his view: the Wattcher is more than just a product, it's a strategy that leads to awareness.

The Wattcher was developed in close cooperation with Eneco, a large Dutch energy company. The product has been intensively tested together with her customers. It resulted in a widely oriented product with additional web environment.

Further developments of the Wattcher towards smart meters and new markets takes place in cooperation with private investors and market participants. If you need more information, please contact us.