Support for display, sender and sensor

Below is an instruction video how to install the Wattcher display set. Click on the picture, to start the video (in Dutch):

Installation on turning wheel meter or on digital pulse meter

Manuals for Wattcher display • sets

Pease find the manuals in Dutch, German and English for Wattcher A1 • new func with 5 display functions. Second you'll find the manuals for the older Wattcher serie untill 2011, with 3 display functions

Quick manual display set • new func                          NL     EN     DE
Comprehensive manual display set • new funcNL ENDE
Quick manual display set  • untill 2011NLENDE
Comprehensive manual display set • untill 2011NLENDE


To open these manuals you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this program for free on the Adobe website.


Combination with datalogger

You can synchronise a Wattcher datalogger and Wattcher display set, both series untill 2011 and series New Func. The energydata from your meter is than sent to the display and to the datalogger.

More information on the datalogger you can find here. There are two videos, one to check if your home is suitable, and one to show what you can do with the datalogger.