Detailed insights in your energy consumption

The Wattcher datalogger gives you detailed insights into the energy consumption of your entire household. Know what 's going on, see exactly where you can save and avoid surprises on your energy bill. The datalogger is easy to synchronize with the Wattcher display set.

Take advantage of real-time view in the house and detailed insights online.See your graphs in Wattcher Online and see your week overview in Wattcher Mobile, a mobile website on your smartphone (Android, windows, Iphone).

Is your home suitable?

The video shows whether your home is suitable for the datalogger. Important is the location of your electricity meter and the location of your internet modem.

Wattcher Online

Wattcher Online is our online energy saving program. It provides tips and exercises. A central dashboard page shows the realised saving. There is a forum to share experiences and there are graphs to see the data per day, week, month and year.

See the following examples for graphs:

Day graph

Gain insight into the energy consumption by the minute to minute graph on a given day. The energy patterns of the different activities in the house and the basic consumption can be clearly seen.



Week graph

This graph shows the consumption of a week. The days are divided in 6 hours: night, morning, afternoon and evening. This will give you insight on which days and at what time of day your consumption is high. Good for new insights!

Photovoltaics on the roof?

With the datalogger you can get insight into both consumption and production. You can use multiple senders and thereby gain insight into different energy flows. To see in a glance what is generated and what is used.

See our animation for the possibilities of the datalogger:

The Wattcher datalogger at a glance:

•  The data logger is connected to the internet modem.
•  Via computer, tablet and smartphone, you can view minute by minute your power consumption.
•  With multiple senders & sensors, you can view more energy flows, for example power generation of your solar cells.


Availability Wattcher products

Wattcher's energy monitors are used during energy saving battles and projects. At the moment the products aren't available at the store or in online webshops. For questions about the delivery of large numbers of products, please call: +31 (0)20-3868702 or email; Info(at)