Wattcher - a beautiful way to save energy

The Wattcher is a design object that displays your home's total electricity consumption in a beautiful way. When you switch on a device the Wattcher shows the extra power consumption. It gives you insight into your energy behavior and helps you save energy.

The Wattcher consists of a sensor, a sending unit and a display. The sensor can be placed on any electricity meter (analog meters with a turning wheel, digital meters with LED pulse, and smart meters). The sending unit sends a radio signal to the display unit, which can be placed in an electricity socket. 

Dutch design

The Wattcher has been designed by Marcel Wanders. Marcel designed the Wattcher to be the ticking heart of the home: “The design is very clean and has urgency in pointing out your energy consumption. The Wattcher is more than just a product; it is a strategy that stimulates awareness.” The Wattcher was nominated for the Dutch Design Award 2009 and has won the ICT~Environment Award 2010. We are very proud of that! 

Wattcher shows

•  Current power consumption (in Watts): how much energy you're using
    at this moment.
•  Daily consumption (in kiloWattday):  your total electricity consumption
    (kWh) in the last 24 hours.
•  Mean daily consumption (in m kiloWattday): your average daily
   consumption in the last 3 months.
•  Savings in Euro's: the expected annual savings in Euro's compared to
    your usage of last year.
•  Realised savings in %: your realised savings in percentage, compared
    to your usage of last year.

The Wattcher uses very little energy. The combined consumption of all Wattcher components (sensor, sending unit and display) is less than 1 Watt.

Wattcher Online

The Wattcher comes with Wattcher Online, an on-line saving program that provides additional help and insights into energy saving (currently only in Dutch).  With your personal Wattcher-online webpage you can keep track of your energy use and compare it with others.



Wattcher battles

The Wattcher and Wattcher Online are frequently used to do a battle inside a company or between companies, households or municipalities. The savings are very high: 18% on average in TNT Energy Battle with 75 participants, 16,5% on average in Den Bosch Energy Battle with 145 participants, 13% on average in the Smart Challenge with 310 participants.  A beautiful way to save energy!



 For more pictures of the Wattcher, in high resolution, see press info


Availability Wattcher products

Wattcher's energy monitors are used during energy saving battles and projects. At the moment the products aren't available at the store or in online webshops. For questions about the delivery of large numbers of products, please call: +31 (0)20-3868702 or email; Info(at)wattcher.nl.