Wattcher Online and Wattcher Mobile


Each Wattcher user receives access to Wattcher Online. For users of the datalogger there is also Wattcher Mobile for the smartphone, to have  insight in your energy consumption and production in your home.

Wattcher Online

Wattcher Online is an energy saving program, where you can keep track of your daily energy consumption and see your own detailed graphs. You receive an online roadmap around energy issues at home, like the large consumers, silent consumption, washing and cleaning, kitchen and cooking, hobbys and relaxing and computers and lighting. 

During 7 weeks you receive steps with saving tips, experiences from other users and useful exercises. You can also share your own experiences on the forum and compare your energy with others.

Wattcher Mobile

Wattcher Mobile is a mobile website that works on any type of mobile phone (Windows phone , iPhone , Android). Central in Wattcher Mobile is a weekly overview, where your daily consumption is compared with a self- imposed daily target: when your consumption is less than this target at a certain day, the bar turns green, when you're a day above the target, the bar turns red.




You see what average percentage you save (or consume) throughout the week. You also get saving tips and you see a timeline of previous week overviews. The timeline provides a quick overview of how you score every week.


Availability Wattcher products

Wattcher's energy monitors are used during energy saving battles and projects. At the moment the products aren't available at the store or in online webshops. For questions about the delivery of large numbers of products, please call: +31 (0)20-3868702 or send an Email; info(at)wattcher.nl.