Save 30% and use locally generated energy


The global demand for energy continues to increase, the natural reserves become accelerated. The funnel in which we find ourselves between supply and demand is getting closer. Result: energy will be more and more expensive.

Regardless of the price it is good to conserve energy. Our desire is to help each family save 30% energy. And to use durably and locally generated energy as much as possible. With the family or with the neighborhood.


With energy saving projects and the use of the energymonitor systems; the Wattcher display and Wattcher datalogger we would like to contribute to this effort. With the datalogger both home consumption and solar generation can be monitored. Via computer, tablet or smartphone, you see minute-to-minute your energy consumption and energy production. During energy saving projects people discover their energy and the related behaviour. People gain knowledge, become more aware of their usage and start saving.

Turn the gas off... For gas is a good alternative: in energy-neutral homes gas is often replaced by a heat pump. On-site or in the neighborhood. For heat we can give good insights, and show whether you heat economical.

Motivations to save energy

Saving energy is not easy when you don't know the possibilities. Also, what are the intrinsic motivators to start conserving energy?

The main motivation is the own responsibility. Seeing that we can not go in the same way, want to act yourself and do something about it.

Another motivator is group feeling: to pick up the challenge together with the children to teach something, being a little more conscious in everyday family life, sunny and economical. See what the realised results from other users are sofar.

A third motivator comes them together with the previous one: competition spirit. Do your best and realise a good performance, and above all: do not want to end up at the bottom but in the middle, and preferably a bit above. This is reflected in the results of the energy saving competitions that we organize.

So considerable savings can be achieved. A lot of saving fun!