Energy saving battles

To make energy saving a clear subject within the own organization, it is a good thing to arrange an energy battle amongst colleagues within the organization, or for example between residents of a municipality.

In the battles, teams compete against each other. In each team there are circa 10 participants. Our experience is that participants do everything to save. Tips and tricks are enthusiastically exchanged for maximum results.

A match round usually lasts six weeks, and there may be several rounds in succession to be done. Thus, a large group of users get in touch with energy saving. They see how well they do at home, and see what the total savings are. These are often very good results, see also the examples of games below.

You can choose that we create your own battle in the Wattcher Online environment, or a website that connects to the house style. Also, we determine in consultation roles in the areas of communication and competition support.

For more information and a detailed brochure contact Wattcher by phone (+31 20 3868702) or via email.

Some results of Energy battles

Smartchallenge saves 13%

Smart challenge magazine

A race over 3 laps between 330 employees from 11 organizations with the aim of a significant CO2 reduction: ABN AMRO, Accenture, Athlon Car Lease, Planning Department Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Environmental and Building Department, Eneco, Heineken, Liander, TNO, UPC and Vodafone : they went to the infighting. With a good result: an average of 13% across all participants.




Teams van tien gemeenten besparen gemiddeld 19% elektra en 15% gas in Klimaatverbond Energy Battle

Climate Alliance Energy Battle saves 18,5 % on power and gas

The Climate Alliance Energy Battle Edition 2013 ended in a good result : all 300 participants from 10 participating municipalities were on average 19% savings on electricity and 18 % of gas . A very nice performance ! Schiedam municipality has three teams with a saving of up to 31 % gas and 34 % electricity achieved in the Climate Alliance Energy Battle and is the winning municipality. Johan Greys , alderman Schiedam : " As an alderman , I took part in the qualifying round of the administrative EnergyBattle I can still remember that it took quite some effort to finish in the middle now have three teams Schiedamse our city to the . . first of all pushed up . " Residents and officials of the municipalities Lingewaard, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Zaanstad, The Frisian Lakes, Bladel, Bloemendaal, Heemstede, Pijnacker - Nootdorp, and Wijchen have hard energy savings in this rural energy race. From October 2013 to March 2014 The average savings per year per participant is almost € 400 a year.

Employees of transporter TNT save 18% power at home

Margriet van der Burg, Projectleader Sustainability at TNT Post: "Through a careful use of energy, fifteen percent may result in power savings. In order for this aim the evidence was TNT-wide a relay race organized. Fifteen teams, each consisting of five members, confronted with each other..... Read more


Watt saves BEC

A match between officials, residents, businesses and politicians in Den Bosch. Den Bosch has a great ambition in the field of renewable energy and energy saving. The contest "Watt saves BEC" took place in the autumn of 2011 There was a large saving result: average 16.5% with 125 participants!

See the video (in Dutch) with the final results, where Bart Eigeman, Alderman for Environment in 's-Hertogenbosch is interviewed.