Towards energy-neutral

Energy neutral living is a broad and important concept. The desire is to reach a saving of circa 30% and only use durable and preferably as local as possible generated energy.

With the Wattcher display and datalogger we would like to contribute to this desire. With the datalogger you can see both home consumption and the yield of the solar panels or other energy systems. Via computer, tablet or smartphone you see your energy consumption and energy production.

For gas is a good alternative: in energy-neutral homes, heating is often done by a heat pump. On-site or in the neighborhood. Also this heat pump we can make good insights, to show whether you stoke economic

Practical example : energy neutral housing in Zeist

Wattcher BV has equipped four zero energy homes in the Stars Berg district in Zeist with its energy monitoring system. In addition to the main meter, there are sensors positioned for measuring the solar panels, heat pumps , heat recovery system and hot water consumption.

All sensors are connected wirelessly to the Wattcher datalogger. The datalogger sends detailed data from the sensors minute-by-minute to an online database. Via computer, tablet and smartphone you can see graphs with all energy patterns. The user can see if he achieves to be an energy-neutral household.


Measurement of the three main energy flows

With a relatively simple monitoring the three main energy flows can be measured :

- The main meter for measuring the total consumption of electricity - The consumption of the heat pump in order to measure the heat-requirement - The total output of the solar panels to offset the above.

See the arrangement shown in the meter in the energy -neutral homes in Zeist. All functions have been brought close to each other.

In the switching groups are 2 additional dinrailmeters posted : 1 for the solar panels , one for the heat pump . The three channels are clearly visible that are connected to the dinrailmeters and the main meter .


At the bottom left you can see the modem sit underneath the Wattcher datalogger . In this case they are in the same meter , but the modem and data logger could also sit . In another room in the house That's no problem , associated with the radio signal between channels and data logger .

Connect 2 additional senders in the home

Total of 6 senders can be linked to the datalogger. In case of the homes in Zeist, a total of five senders monitor the energy flows.

Besides the above mentioned three energy, there are two more monitored in the attic: the warm water consumption and the heat recovery installation.

See the attic closet with technical facilities: left heat recovery installation, inverters for solar panels, heat pump and hot water fill, and below the tubing for the floor heating in the house.

On the right side you can see a Wattcher sender and sensor which is coupled to the water pump for warm water. This shows how much energy the residents require for showering, bathing and other hot water usage.

To engage the home occupants with the sustainable energy system 2 additional displays are hanging in the kitchen so they can directly experience how they are doing. The white display shows the main meter in the house, the yellow display shows the power generation of the solar panels.

So you see at a glance how the two systems perform, and you can conduct your daily behaviour and tune the installations settings. It is a good system to see if you are going in the direction of energy neutrality.

This project was carried out for Dubotechniek Companies BV, who has taken care of building the technical facilities. We are proud that we can contribute in this project and help the home owners towards energy neutral living.